Sprill - Aqua Adventures

Sprill - Aqua Adventures 1.0

Sprill - Aqua Adventures is a Zuma clone set under water
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Sprill - Aqua Adventures is a matching game in which you have to hit balls of the chain to make them disappear from a given path (much like in Zuma). The chain of balls moves along the path, and if they reach the end, you lose. The game includes two modes: Classic and Swap. In Classic mode, you are given balls of different colors and you have to hit the ones of the same color to make them disappear from the path and make points. You win the level when you fill the bar that is at the top. The Swap mode is very similar, but here you are not given balls, you can pick any from the chain of balls by left clicking on the one you desire to get and then you have to hit balls with that one. In both modes you can make combos by eliminating balls of different colors with only one shot and you can also get trophies by completing the levels under certain conditions. After you finish a level, with the points you collected you can buy stuff in the shop to win the levels easier and faster.

Regarding the graphics, they are very colorful and attractive. Sound effects are good and the music is suitable. In short, Sprill - Aqua Adventures is a nice Zuma clone that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • Trophies
  • Lots of combos
  • Shopping content


  • Nothing new or impressive
  • Repetitive music
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